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70mm Cruel Drool Dual Jewel Analog – Yule Log 2.015

What’s up yule foolz?  Only complete toolz deny the annual logz of yoolz.  This year we kicked the format up about as far as it can go short of IMAX and opted for vertically composed 70mm film for 2015′s nod to the log.  It’s got drool.  It’s got dual jewelz.  It’s got action that’s on the mild side of cruel.  And, despite its delivery being digital, this egg-nog paired log has originated from the analog.

Keep the shiny side up and your negatives uncut, and let the log’n rock your noggin.

Be sure and check out all of this year’s Yule Log 2.015 loops at

Thanks to Yule Log 2.0 creator/curator Daniel Savage and digital agency Wondersauce for putting this together each year!

Link to YouTube 4K version
Audio Track: “Upgrade” by Impactist

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400 at 200

imp_vet6 imp_vet5 imp_vet24 imp_vet22 imp_vet2 imp_vet19 imp_vet18 imp_vet15 imp_vet13 imp_vet11 imp_vet1

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Kodak Verichrome Rescue


A roll of completely exposed Kodak Verichome film from over 70 years ago sits waiting to share its secrets.


After wrestling the film from the spool and into a processing tank, the chemical process can begin.


Once dry, the film gives up a story told only in images.


Overlapping exposures from a possibly malfunction camera populate the strip.


Fogging from years of radiation cloud the frames and soften the pictures.

With just a few simple chemicals, the power and persistence of analog capture is demonstrated nearly seventy years later.

Kodak HC-110, Dilution B.  8 minutes.  Cold 62F.

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AGFA = Always Great Film, Always


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impactist_coldz04 impactist_coldz03 impactist_coldz02 impactist_coldz01

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