Boomerang – “Harebrain”

A little while back, the super cool folks at Turner & Warner Bros. reached out to us to create a music track that would accompany their new official Boomerang video streaming service. It features access to thousands of new and classic cartoons from the Looney Tunes, Hanna-Barbera and MGM libraries.

It was a real treat to sequence a few different ideas before homing in on the final one, “Harebrain,” that would eventually pair with some of our own animated heros like Bugs, Scoob, Elroy, and the rest of the Boomerang lineup.

Below is the animated intro included in the app, produced by Warner Bros., featuring “Harebrain.”

Beyond the app, various versions of “Harebrain” can also be heard in several broadcast spots, produced by Turner, including a few where live action meets animation.


Cartoon Network – “Snow Song”

Here’s a winter themed track that’s got your holiday-back. You can conspire with the quasi-choir in “Snow Song” all winter long, and when the bass line drops to half time, do like Günter and make up your own rhyme.

Below are a few of the on-air Holiday promos and bumpers produced by Cartoon Network, that feature “Snow Song.”


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