70mm Cruel Drool Dual Jewel Analog – Yule Log 2.015

What’s up yule foolz?  Only complete toolz deny the annual logz of yoolz.  This year we kicked the format up about as far as it can go short of IMAX and opted for vertically composed 70mm film for 2015′s nod to the log.  It’s got drool.  It’s got dual jewelz.  It’s got action that’s on the mild side of cruel.  And, despite its delivery being digital, this egg-nog paired log has originated from the analog.

Keep the shiny side up and your negatives uncut, and let the log’n rock your noggin.

Be sure and check out all of this year’s Yule Log 2.015 loops at watchyulelog.com

Thanks to Yule Log 2.0 creator/curator Daniel Savage and digital agency Wondersauce for putting this together each year!

Link to YouTube 4K version
Audio Track: “Upgrade” by Impactist

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400 at 200

imp_vet6 imp_vet5 imp_vet24 imp_vet22 imp_vet2 imp_vet19 imp_vet18 imp_vet15 imp_vet13 imp_vet11 imp_vet1

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Thanks Blenders!


Our voices are almost back at 100%, after having lost them from talking with so many great people at Blend.  If we didn’t get a chance to meet and talk with you, it’s only for lack of time which seemed to fly by during our short stay in Vancouver.

Thanks again to the entire Blend team for organizing everything and inviting us to speak.  All the speakers were brilliant and we were happy to be able to enjoy the fest in it’s totality ourselves.

Also, thanks to all the attendees that responded so positively to our talk.  In our brief time on stage we thought we ought try to discuss a topic that can be at best misunderstood and at worst extremely uncomfortable, and something that is very rarely addressed.  Seeing as our position on both sides of visuals and music gives us a unique perspective, we thought copyright infringement and artists taking from artists a conversation worth tackling.  The risk seemed to pay off.

Thank you to all the people that approached us over the course of Blend and either shared their own stories or straight up told us they might change a few things in how they work because of our talk, specifically with music and reels.  Be brave!

We didn’t make it to the second night’s official after-venue, since the space was at capacity when we arrived.  So, if we didn’t get to tell you how fantastic it was to meet you in person, we can blame it on the Canada’s sensible fire code.  Safety first!

We’ll see you all at the next one.  If you make it to Portland, shoot us an email.  Always happy to meet up.


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Impactist + Cartoon Network + Kids = POPSICLE REMIX

Can’t stopsicle, won’t stopsicle.  Put on your new kicks for the new mix, because “Popsicle” has a remix.

Given top secret materials and instructions from the gang at Cartoon Network, we were charged with remixing “Popsicle”, the music track we had previously delivered earlier this Summer.  CN reached out to their awesome audience with the network’s own CN Sayin’ app.  Kids were challenged to sing back the four note mnemonic jingle into the app while it recorded.  Once collected, we sorted and sifted through all the fantastic entries and chopped, pitched, and stretched them into this new package of remixes in several different durations for maximum flexibility in future use by CN.


You can currently hear the “Popsicle – Remix” airing as part of Cartoon Network’s “New Thursdays” Campaign.

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“Popsicle” – New Music for Cartoon Network

Take your ears to the fun dungeon with new music we made for Cartoon Network’s Summer 2015 refresh. Check out the song we call “Popsicle”. No doubt, Clarence would tell you it’s worth it.

We were tasked with creating a song based on the four note Cartoon Network mnemonic jingle you hear whenever the CN logo pops up. Done and done. Then we broke down and recomposed the song into six other versions of different lengths for a whole package of sounds to be used throughout the Summer.  You’ve probably already heard it play on CN as the song that kicks off the CN broadcast day with the emoji filled 6am sign-on, as part of their “New at 6″ Summer campaign, on the Cartoon Network CN Sayin’ app on your phone, and various other promos between shows.

Can’t just listen to Popsicle nonstop on repeat?  Your playlist is a miss? Your bearstack is whack? You can always listen to previous tracks we’ve made for CN like “Wires”, “Glazer”, and “Wintertone”. Or, check out the rest of our catalog available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, etc.

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Blend + Impactist

Join us in Vancouver, BC on October 16 & 17, for Blend, a new design and animation conference brought to you by Jorge R. Canedo Estrada and Wine after Coffee.


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Go Fargo, Go Wilfred


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OVLA Copyright Basics


The OVLA (Oregon Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts) has kindly invited us to share our experience where copyright issues have come up for us as creators.  We will be joining attorney Karen Wetherell Davis and photographer Jan Sonnenmair.  We plan to discuss our own history with discovering, stopping, and preventing infringements with the audience of the ongoing OVLA Legal Basics Series for Creatives.

The event will take place Thursday the 23rd of April from 12:00 to 1:30pm at Portland State University in room 290 of the School of Business Administration.  Further details and registration for the panel are available on the OVLA website.

Perhaps our past experiences can better inform your own dealings with copyright issues going forward or at least shed light on how creatives like ourselves deal with infringements personally and professionally.  Register in advance and we’ll see you there.

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