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Impactist – Sleepscreaming

Sleepscreaming | new album | excursions into dark ambient

Music available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify and Apple Music.

Sleepscreaming Music Videos:

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Pizza Forever

You could ask the question, “IS pizza forever?” Or, one could simply assert that it is, supposing that you’re one of those flatbread presuppositionalists. But, really that’s neither here nor there, as in this case pizza is, indeed, forever as we all already understand it to be.

The details of that infinite timeline are potentially more interesting than the mere possibility that it could be or is. Some doubt its potential probability, but there’s no need for concern since we’ve worked that all out here in just a few minutes.

Oh, too brief? Well, we anticipated that particular objection and have provided an additional 60 minutes of investigation into all things crust, cheese, and pepperoni in the micro, macro, and quantum levels split between colliding multiverses proposing answers to the cosmos’ ultimate pizza-adjacent question: Not ‘is’ pizza forever, but ‘if’ pizza forever.

1 hour versions – Pick your mood:

60 minutes of Pizza Forever.

60 minutes of Pizza Forever, cheesewave style.

Link to Pizza Forever stills and credits.
Link to Pizza Forever & Ever stills and credits.

Music available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify and Apple Music.

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Boomerang – “Harebrain”

A little while back, the super cool folks at Turner & Warner Bros. reached out to us to create a music track that would accompany their new official Boomerang video streaming service. It features access to thousands of new and classic cartoons from the Looney Tunes, Hanna-Barbera and MGM libraries.

It was a real treat to sequence a few different ideas before homing in on the final one, “Harebrain,” that would eventually pair with some of our own animated heros like Bugs, Scoob, Elroy, and the rest of the Boomerang lineup.

Below is the animated intro included in the app, produced by Warner Bros., featuring “Harebrain.”

Beyond the app, various versions of “Harebrain” can also be heard in several broadcast spots, produced by Turner, including a few where live action meets animation.


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Cartoon Network – “Snow Song”

Here’s a winter themed track that’s got your holiday-back. You can conspire with the quasi-choir in “Snow Song” all winter long, and when the bass line drops to half time, do like Günter and make up your own rhyme.

Below are a few of the on-air Holiday promos and bumpers produced by Cartoon Network, that feature “Snow Song.”


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Cartoon Network – “Ghost Party”

Remember that one party where the guest-list was a ghost-list, the fog machines were smog machines, and the poltergeists were polter-nice? Cue the “Ghost Party” on the ones and twos for this track we delivered for CN that emotes fun and foul, beats and beasts, and cool and ghoul in short time.

Below are a few of the on-air Halloween promos and bumpers produced by Cartoon Network, that feature “Ghost Party.”



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Cartoon Network – “Tastysynth”

First you make a digital esophagus, but then you gotta feed that food pipe. Whip up a “Tastysynth” and jam it down that sound hole and you get some throaty, swirly tones that bounce across the beat and weave with the bass.

Below are a few of the on-air promos and bumpers produced by Cartoon Network, where “Tastysynth” served as the soundtrack.



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Invisible Snake Promos

It’s been said that an Invisible Snake is an infinite snake.  All we know is that there can’t be infinite promos for said Snake, so we have four.

These promos span the analog and the digital, and the ephemeral and physical for our latest music EP Invisible Snake. Available for download or streaming on iTunesAmazonGoogle PlaySpotify and Apple Music.

Track 1: “Snakesnakesnake”

Origin stories start somewhere and are explained some way. Legend holds if you know about Invisible Snake you are a member of Invisible Snake. Welcome. Forty-four seconds to tell you how we got here.


Track 2: “Oh Sparky”

Loyalty to the Invisible Snake means everything and brand loyalty means nothing when visualizing how the Receiver receives and the Inceiver inceives. Minolta, Olympus, Canon, and Pentax bodies and lenses exposed light onto Kodak stock. Then, hand dipped into Rodinol and HC-110. Impactist’s favorite happy hour cocktail.


Track 3: “Invisible Snake”

What’s a movement without fundamental texts? Gotta learn those Snake ethics. Keep on top of the current tech and maybe upgrade your home Inceiver to better pair with last year’s Receiver. Upgain your throughput and enroll now for eternity later.


Track 4: “Trophyatrophy”

The Snake works in mysterious ways. Can’t always be digital flickers tweaked to the beat. This last promo is a real physical object. Film photography printed on newsprint. 289mm x 380mm / 24 pages

How does it work? For a limited time, you email us your postal address to We mail you the promo. You download or stream “Trophyatrophy” while you flip through the book. Done. You keep the promo as a physical piece of Impactist and Invisible Snake. You live the remainder of your days satisfied and fully developed as a freshly enlightened human being.


Your future Snake is your Invisible now.



Links to project pages with additional stills:
“Snakesnakesnake” / “Oh Sparky” /  “Invisible Snake” / “Trophyatrophy”

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