April 20, 2015 – OVLA Copyright Basics


The OVLA (Oregon Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts) has kindly invited us to share our experience where copyright issues have come up for us as creators.  We will be joining attorney Karen Wetherell Davis and photographer Jan Sonnenmair.  We plan to discuss our own history with discovering, stopping, and preventing infringements with the audience of the ongoing OVLA Legal Basics Series for Creatives.

The event will take place Thursday the 23rd of April from 12:00 to 1:30pm at Portland State University in room 290 of the School of Business Administration.  Further details and registration for the panel are available on the OVLA website.

Perhaps our past experiences can better inform your own dealings with copyright issues going forward or at least shed light on how creatives like ourselves deal with infringements personally and professionally.  Register in advance and we’ll see you there.

Motionographer: Impactist Q&A – Nerdmask and Open Your Face and Make Words

This Q&A was conducted by Michelle Higa and Bran Dougherty-Johnson for Motionographer.

These two new films Nerdmask and Open Your Face And Make Words are promos for your new EP of original music, also titled OYFAMW, which in turn was inspired by a collection of short stories that you wrote. What’s the impetus behind all this self-initiated creative work for you?

We wish we had a more exciting answer, but we are pretty simple and this is just what we like to do professionally and personally. As our creative interests span a few areas, they easily incorporate into our lives. Even when we’re not officially working, it’s easy to tote cameras, play instruments, lay down paint, or sketch story or technical ideas while living our lives. The difference between self-initiated projects and commissioned work is really just a technicality for us as we still put in just as much effort and focus into it all. Like any others in similar fields, it can be a bit of a compulsion. Our backgrounds and interests in the fine arts probably have a lot to do with this. The taught practice of continually creating and outputting work was instilled in our younger years by mentors and teachers and is a hard one to shake off.
We work a lot, but we’re all trying to find the balance, aren’t we? Seeing as we are married and share the same interests, it only serves to amplify and mutually encourage both of us to keep creating. Not to be completely corny, but we really are lucky to have found each other as any normal person wouldn’t want to hear about any of this stuff. Laugh!

read the full interview on motionographer.com

“Nerdmask” and “Open Your Face and Make Words” are featured on Motionographer (December 18, 2009). We also did a Q&A with Motionographer contributors Michelle Higa and Bran Dougherty-Johnson…linked here.