Camera and a Soundtrack


Black Mountain Rag paired with a Canon AV-1.



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  • Quintin Radford
  • Esther

    Hi, amazing photos guys. Also love your motion work. Do you guys take all these pictures with the AV-1? Is the vintage feel from the camera? These are gorgeous!

  • Impactist

    Thanks EstherNot all. Probably mostly Canon digital. The pic above was caught with an old canon t2i digital. We shoot film and digital, 35 and medium, and lots of iPhone snaps too. We’re camera indiscriminate, we love ‘em all.The canon AV-1 is kinda fun since it’s limited to aperture priority, so you think a little bit different when you’re more accustomed to fully manual.The ‘feel’ you’re noting is probably as simple as just the combo of the lens, light, and post processing.