Everybody Wants Options


From time to time, we get emails from kind folks alerting us to one music download service or another, imploring us to make our music available at their preferred digital storefront. The notes are always positive, but sometimes the services suggested just aren’t worth the time it takes to upload the masters to yet another online retailer.

That said, Bandcamp is an example of a service suggested to us that we feel is done right. You can download albums or individual tracks, plus there are tons of choices when it comes to file formats and bit rates, and pricing options are fantastic. Also, full previews let you scrub the whole track prior to purchase rather than an arbitrary 30 second sample. Easy to share widgets and ‘share’ embeds are also a nice touch.

Another nice feature is the ability to generate discount codes, which we thought would be fun to try. So, in honor of this expansion, we’ll be offering a short promotional discount code valid until tomorrow (Sat. Oct. 22) at 5:00 pm US Pacific Time, on all the music we currently have up on our Bandcamp page.

Enter the code “camper” at the checkout and get everything 50% off.

Thanks to all who’ve already downloaded, we appreciate it. And as always, if you have any questions concerning licensing for sync rights to use our audio in your project, please contact us directly via email.

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