Pizza Forever

You could ask the question, “IS pizza forever?” Or, one could simply assert that it is, supposing that you’re one of those flatbread presuppositionalists. But, really that’s neither here nor there, as in this case pizza is, indeed, forever as we all already understand it to be.

The details of that infinite timeline are potentially more interesting than the mere possibility that it could be or is. Some doubt its potential probability, but there’s no need for concern since we’ve worked that all out here in just a few minutes.

Oh, too brief? Well, we anticipated that particular objection and have provided an additional 60 minutes of investigation into all things crust, cheese, and pepperoni in the micro, macro, and quantum levels split between colliding multiverses proposing answers to the cosmos’ ultimate pizza-adjacent question: Not ‘is’ pizza forever, but ‘if’ pizza forever.

1 hour versions – Pick your mood:

60 minutes of Pizza Forever.

60 minutes of Pizza Forever, cheesewave style.

Link to Pizza Forever stills and credits.
Link to Pizza Forever & Ever stills and credits.

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