Impactist Music: Fifty Purr-cent for Pets in September

You know what Portland has a ton of? Hipsters? Beards? Unemployment? Yeah, there are a lot of those, but we’ve got a mess of animals, too. Cats, dogs, you name it. Seems like every other park has been made dog-friendly, while every street facing window has a cat sunning themselves in it. But, sometimes those little friends need a bit of help from us humans to get back on their feet, return to their owners, or find a new family altogether.


Our cat “Cappio” was adopted from the humane society in Eugene back in 1992 and turns the ripe old age of 18 this month, most likely thanks to the initial care and medical attention she received there after she had been abandoned as a kitten.


In light of her elderly achievement, we will donate half the proceeds of all reported online purchases of any and all Impactist music starting today (August 27) through the month of September to the Oregon Humane Society here in Portland. It’s a great place with a fantastic mission that is fun to visit even if you have no intention of adopting an animal. Browse the cats all perched throughout the viewing rooms that are cleverly setup like cozy home interiors where every cat gets its own bed. That pull you feel on your insides as you look through the glass? Why, that’s just the animals proving you’re an empathetic human with a heart and the capacity to relate to the world around you.


Buy any album, track, or variety of tracks at online retailers like iTunes and from August 27, 2010, through the month of September 2010 and we will donate 50% of the reported proceeds directly to the Oregon Humane Society located in Portland, Oregon.

*UPDATE – This also includes our music that is now available to buy/download as DRM-free high bit rate 320k MP3’s directly from our site.