Northeastern + Color Fields & Wagon Wheels = iTunes


Just mere moments ago, two of our albums previously unavailable from Apple’s storefront went live on iTunes. Northeastern, complete with favorites like Peacefield and Incredibly Frustrating, joins Color Fields & Wagon Wheels today, which includes the favorite Multiverse Edit of Cup of Water Crying, the track featured in our short Parallelostory.


These albums have been available for download from our Bandcamp page and still remain so, but many have asked for iTunes availability so we are happy to oblige.

Only a Few Days Left

Buy any album, track, or variety of tracks at online retailers like iTunes, or direct from us between August 27 – September 30, 2010, and we will donate 50% of the reported proceeds directly to the Oregon Humane Society located in Portland, Oregon.

Previously:  Impactist Music – Fifty Purr-cent for Pets in September.

Also, we’ve added a music sampler to preview the tracks of our re-released  Color Fields & Wagon Wheels EP.

Color Fields & Wagon Wheels EP Music Sampler: Vimeo HD

Northeastern, Color Fields & Wagon Wheels, and DRM-Free-dom

First, a ‘thank you’ to all those that have purchased Impactist music this month so far. As announced earlier, half of all reported sales in September will be going to the Oregon Humane Society to help in all the services they provide. Again, thank you!

DRM-Free Direct From Impactist –

In certain countries around the world, iTunes and Amazon just doesn’t work all that well or are not options to purchase and download our music. In an effort to take away as many barriers as possible, we’ve now made available DRM-Free high bit rate 320k MP3’s directly from our website. Just click the button and your purchase will be made via PayPal. Once purchased, a secure download link will be emailed to you. Super simple.

Here’s a direct link to the newly formatted music page with links to all albums and purchase options.

Album Re-Releases – 

While we were at it, we have also released previous albums for direct purchase as well. This includes Color Fields & Wagon Wheels and Northeastern. Again, these are DRM-Free and 320k MP3 format.

Below is the album art for the re-releases:





And as always, if you have any questions feel free to email us directly at

Happy Listening!

Northeastern Promos

After completing the series of music tracks that comprise our Northeastern album, we pressed on and created this small group of animated projects in direct response. We selected a small portion of each of the selected songs to animate to and let the music lead the work. The driving horns of “Moonbase” push us through a geometrically rendered ether, “Incredibly Frustrating” places us midway through the pages of a children’s book where outerwear narrates with pictures alone, and “Peacefield” has us moving from earth to space following a glass sculpture like a modern day Maltese Falcon.