1 Eye Motion Festival – Pushdot Gallery & Hollywood Theatre Portland, OR

“Ranch” will be screening as part of the festival at the Pushdot Gallery May 4 – 27, 2006. The 1 Eye Festival at the Hollywood Theatre in Portland, Oregon, on July 20, 2006, includes “Ranch” and the first 3 short films in our Field Trip Series (“Lunch Special”“Rainy Day Recess”, and “Bread Factory”).

ZOOROOM – A Room with a Zoo Exhibition & DVD


We were invited by Iamstatic to create a short for their ZOOROOM exhibition and DVD. Our contibution to the themed show “Ranch” debuted at the exhibit opening on October 25, 2005 @ Resistor Gallery, Toronto, Canada. A DVD with all of the works from the exhibition may be purchased from Iamstatic here, with a proceeds from the sale going to the World Wildlife Fund.