Excerpt of letter written by Walt Disney on Dec. 23rd of 1935


“I think a good study of music would be indispensable to the animator – a realization on their part of how primitive music is, how natural it is for people to want to go to music – a study of rhythm, the dance – the various rhythms that enter into our lives every day – how rhythmical the body really is – and how well balanced the body really is. That, in itself, is music. In other words, it could be music in the body. We dance – we can keep time to rhythm without ever being taught – a baby does it – cannibals do it. But fancy dancing or any tricky stuff, we have to learn. There are things in life that we do to rhythm that come natural to us. Notice how rhythmic an action like pounding with a hammer is! There’s a reason for that. You must have that rhythm or you can’t carry out that action completely. Also, sawing a board. See how necessary it is to have a good rhythm for that. Also, walking… if you walked without rhythm, where would you get? You’d have to be thinking all the time what to do next. You’d have to set your mind to walking rhythmically, instead of doing it naturally.”


Right Back Where We Started From or: Thanks California

It never fails.

We always seem to come out on top when it comes to “meeting great folks”. SF and LA were great to us last week. Well, SF was a bit warm for my internal nw-native thermostat, but LA was darn near perfect with awesome meet-ups to match.

Through the years, I’ve noticed that there seems to be a fairly consistent and direct correlation between the quality of the individuals we’re fortunate to meet in person and those that take the time to respond to the actual requests to meet up. Now, we could get into a whole correlation vs. causation thing, but we’d rather just put on the blinders, not take it too seriously, and believe that the universe has some sort of cosmic filter that automatically sorts out the wheat from the chaff. There has to be, since everywhere we go we find that everyone who’s able to get together is awesome. That’s a fact. And, we’re wise enough to know that the world isn’t 100% populated with winners, so those may just be the folks we miss or don’t hear back from. It’s the unseen, yet all seeing, omnipresent coffee filter holding back the grounds. Or if not, it’s fun anecdotally to think of in that way.

Great studio meet ups, meals, coffees, and beers all made for a fun trip. Though, just meeting in person, face to face, is reward unto itself. Phone calls and written correspondence only go so far. Sharing stories in the same space, learning about other people’s work with inflection only perceivable when in proximity, and laughing hard enough to squeeze out a tear are like health food for the soul…Difficult to grow on your own, sometimes hard to find, but you always feel better for having been fortunate to sample.

An honest and sincere thanks to those that offered up countless hours from their busy days. Truly appreciated, and we’re always happy to return the favor anytime you all find yourselves up North in our small piece of the world.


California Next Week


The seasons change which cue the annual migration South. Feeling that same itch, we’ll also be taking a quick jaunt down in a southerly direction.

Next week (October 11th-15th), we’ll be heading from top to bottom, spending a couple days in San Francisco before heading to LA for a few more. If you’re there and would like to get together, grab a coffee or drink, maybe a bite, and chat it up, just send an email and we can find a time that will work.