Impactist – Plants & Animals EP


Volume up, windows down. That’s how we’ve been listening to the tracks, with the warm weather finally reaching our part of the world here in Oregon. We’re happy to say our latest album, Plants & Animals, has just gone live on iTunes and will soon be up on Amazon for download, in addition to Spotify for streaming, and on Bandcamp for the file format obsessed.  UPDATE 08/25: Now available through

To mark the occasion, we will also be rolling out a few short promos for a number of the tracks in the coming days.


Again, we truly and honestly appreciate the positive support we have and continue to receive from clients, colleagues, and collectors of our projects. Thank you!

If you have any questions or comments regarding this or any of our other work, feel free to reach out and send us a note.


Music Licensing Reminder


If you are interested in the use of our music in your production, please contact us directly using our info at impactist dot com email address. We are easy to reach and will be happy to discuss your project, track availability, and licensing fees. All usages are unique and require specific addressing.

We do not permit our work to be used and redistributed without our express written permission and fee. If you are doing so, you are infringing upon our copyright.


Thank you for respecting our work and copyrights, and those of our fellow artists.


Northeastern + Color Fields & Wagon Wheels = iTunes


Just mere moments ago, two of our albums previously unavailable from Apple’s storefront went live on iTunes. Northeastern, complete with favorites like Peacefield and Incredibly Frustrating, joins Color Fields & Wagon Wheels today, which includes the favorite Multiverse Edit of Cup of Water Crying, the track featured in our short Parallelostory.


These albums have been available for download from our Bandcamp page and still remain so, but many have asked for iTunes availability so we are happy to oblige.

Music Videos

Attack of the Show!

Audio Track: “L.N.G. (AOTS Remix)” by Impactist.

A while ago, G4 kindly asked us to whip up something special for the 1/11/11 reboot of their daily digest of culture and cool, Attack of the Show! Or as its known to those long hip to this daily detonation of meta-meme-messaging, simply AOTS. The G4 team was keen on elements they saw in an earlier sequence of sight and sound we had created, so we reassessed, extended, and remixed fresh live action, still photography, and animation into a new main title sequence. Additionally, we composed a new full length music track that drives the new intro and plays into the show.

The dynamic sequence serves as a striking non sequitur from what precedes it with staccato sounds and images dripping with self referential visuals only fully observed via repeat viewings.

AOTS has an incredibly intense and outspoken fan base, so the team at G4 had the incredibly tough task of making adjustments to a program that is under such extreme scrutiny. New set, new host, new show, new awesome. G4 was fantastic to work with and we appreciate the opportunity to contribute to a program that has rightly earned itself a dedicated audience that can dole out both fierce affection and loyal criticism.

Additional Stills and Credits


Everybody Wants Options


From time to time, we get emails from kind folks alerting us to one music download service or another, imploring us to make our music available at their preferred digital storefront. The notes are always positive, but sometimes the services suggested just aren’t worth the time it takes to upload the masters to yet another online retailer.

That said, Bandcamp is an example of a service suggested to us that we feel is done right. You can download albums or individual tracks, plus there are tons of choices when it comes to file formats and bit rates, and pricing options are fantastic. Also, full previews let you scrub the whole track prior to purchase rather than an arbitrary 30 second sample. Easy to share widgets and ‘share’ embeds are also a nice touch.

Another nice feature is the ability to generate discount codes, which we thought would be fun to try. So, in honor of this expansion, we’ll be offering a short promotional discount code valid until tomorrow (Sat. Oct. 22) at 5:00 pm US Pacific Time, on all the music we currently have up on our Bandcamp page.

Enter the code “camper” at the checkout and get everything 50% off.

Thanks to all who’ve already downloaded, we appreciate it. And as always, if you have any questions concerning licensing for sync rights to use our audio in your project, please contact us directly via email.


Preemptive Thanks


An honest “thank you” goes out to all the folks that picked up albums and music tracks during our little experiment to raise some always needed funds for the Oregon Humane Society. As we made note of weeks ago, we’ll be donating half of all the reported proceeds for the last few days of August and all of September directly to the OHS here in Portland.


The month has come to a close and we won’t know the finally tally for a while since different online retailers (iTunes, Amazon, etc.) are on different schedules for when they report sales. It will probably be a few weeks until all the data comes in.

We truly appreciate everyone’s support and so surely will the critters!



Only a Few Days Left

Buy any album, track, or variety of tracks at online retailers like iTunes, or direct from us between August 27 – September 30, 2010, and we will donate 50% of the reported proceeds directly to the Oregon Humane Society located in Portland, Oregon.

Previously:  Impactist Music – Fifty Purr-cent for Pets in September.

Also, we’ve added a music sampler to preview the tracks of our re-released  Color Fields & Wagon Wheels EP.

Color Fields & Wagon Wheels EP Music Sampler: Vimeo HD