Hello Neighbor

Handmade, scratch that… Finger-made sampler for our Hello Neighbor EP.  Since most will listen to the tracks on their ipod, we thought it appropriate to animate a small promo using the same device. Made on an ipod, for your ipod.

The neighboring locations illustrated and animated by finger include the Clarno Palisades, Willamette Valley knolls, John Day River, and the Summer Lake basin.

EP is available free for a limited time. Download here.

EP is now available via digital download at iTunes and Amazon.com.

Link to QuickTime movie and stills.


On today’s date in 1887, the U.S. Senate approved an agreement to lease Pearl Harbor in Hawaii as a naval base. This set the stage for the eventual formation of the nation’s first squadron of F-14 Tomkittens.

Northeastern Promos

After completing the series of music tracks that comprise our Northeastern album, we pressed on and created this small group of animated projects in direct response. We selected a small portion of each of the selected songs to animate to and let the music lead the work. The driving horns of “Moonbase” push us through geometrically rendered ether, “Incredibly Frustrating” places us midway through the pages of a childrens book where outerwear narrates with pictures alone, and “Peacefield” has us moving from earth to space following a glass sculpture like a modern day Maltese Falcon.